What Lodging is available?

The Northwest Crank host hotel Inn At The River has a block of rooms reserved for Wednesday 4/27 – Sunday 5/1. Ask for the “Northwest Crank” rate when calling to make reservations, 800-920-5406. The group rates for single/double rooms are $77/$97 /night (+tax). These rates can be extended to adjacent dates, if you want to arrive earlier or leave later, please specify the dates and “Northwest Crank” rate when making your reservation. For more lodging options, please check wenatchee.org.


What about food?

There are plenty of restaurants nearby from fast food to nice restaurants. Past favorites are Garlinis Napoletana and McGlinn’s Public House. For a full list of area restaurants, check out wenatchee.org. Sharis is just down the street from the Inn at the River, and Starbucks is a block away for those who need their morning coffee fix. There is a grocery store a block away as well. There are plenty of other restaurants within walking distance. For dinner each evening we will have a recommended meeting time at the Inn at the River. From there groups can choose where they want to go for dinner.

What support is available?

We will have support available at 1 or 2 spots on each ride. Please check the route sheets for each day to see when and where support is available. Additional services will be listed on the cue sheet as well. At each support stop we will provide the following:

  • Water/water coolers
  • Gatorade powder mix
  • Bagels and Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Meat and Cheese at some stops
  • Costco Trail Mix
  • Cookies
  • Fig Newtons
  • Paper towels
  • Knives
  • Ziploc Baggies
  • Sunscreen
  • Toilet Paper
  • Garbage bags

You may put your own food and supplies into the support vehicles if you wish. Please keep personal supplies to a minimum about the size of a shoebox. Please collect your supplies at the end of each day as different vehicles will be used each day.

What Special Events are offered?

Saturday night will feature a banquet at (Location TBD).  The time will probably be around 6pm, but that;s still TBD. After we are through enjoying the meal, we will gather for the White Elephant Bike Part Exchange.

What is a White Elephant exchange you may ask? Everyone brings a wrapped inexpensive gag gift that has something to do with cycling. Some examples of gifts include a bag of tubes that need patching or a solid rubber tire. All the gifts are put on a common table. Each person can either choose a gift or the gift from someone who has already opened theirs.

Are there family activities?

Bring your family or spouse along and make a family outing of the weekend. Wenatchee itself has plenty of activities. Cashmere has Aplets and Cotlets. Leavenworth has some mini-golf and the charm of Bavarian architecture. Go rafting or visit one of the many museums. Lake Chelan is beautiful and close by. There is plenty of hiking or mountain biking as well. Or take the day and head to the Yakima Valley for some wine tasting. Take advantage of the ample opportunities for exploring the area and having fun. For information, go to www.wenatcheevalley.org. For information on the Wenatchee Apple Valley Festival, which starts that weekend, go to www.appleblossom.org.

SIR Membership

To learn more about the Seattle Randonneurs, the host group for Northwest Crank, check out our home page at www.seattlerandonneurs.org. A list of SIR rides is available at www.seattlerandonneur.org/rides.html. A membership form is available at www.seattlerandonneur.org/member.html.

Tell me about Brevets, Populaires and Control Cards?

To learn more about the Seattle Randonneurs and randonneuring, check out our home page at www.seattlerandonneurs.org.

Please email info@northwestcrank.com with any further questions!
Other questions?