SIR Brevet Week at NW Crank

Ride a RUSA sanctioned brevet.  Or, if you’re are truly a stud, ride the full series starting 23 April 2016 and finishing 1 May 2015.

That’s right K hounds, you can ride any number of brevets during the NW Crank week.  If you are strong enough, you can complete the entire Super Randonneur series in 9 days. Are you interested in doing an entire series in a week? How about a gentle 1000K followed up with a 400K and 200K? Perhaps just a dry side 400K? Or would you like the opportunity to do a brevet that offers the potential for a few hundred K of soul cleansing head winds? Well… the NW Crank Brevet Week is your ticket!

This year’s series offers a number of fantastic permanents that we are running as brevets. The 1000K is a series of 3 and the 600K as a series of 2 permanents that all start and finish in East Wenatchee making the overnight controls simple!

Note: all of the brevets are self-supported. We will send you off with your control card, the rest is up to you!

All of the Brevet Week information can be found on the SIR web site
Saturday April 23, 2016 –5:00am –
Brevet Week 1000K/600K Begins

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3

Tuesday April 26, 2016 – 6:00am –Brevet
Week 300K Begins



Wednesday April 27, 2016 –
5:00am –Brevet Week 400K


Sunday May 1, 2016 – 7:00am –Brevet Week
200K Begins


Saturday, April 23 through Sunday, May 1 2016

Start Location:

Inn at the River:

Address: 580 Valley Mall Pkwy, East Wenatchee, WA 98802
Phone:(509) 888-7378

Entry Fee:

Brevet Week — There is a combined online
registration process for both NW Crank and Brevet Week
$100 for full brevet series + banquet
$75 for full brevet series w/o banquet
no other discounts

a la cart brevet

$25 Sat 4/23 600k or 1000k
$15 Tue 4/26 300k
$25 Wed 4/27 400k
$10 Sun 5/1 200k

Please make all entry and membership fees payable to SIR.


must register for the NW Crank Brevet series from the NW Crank site.

NW Crank Registration